Life’s Marathon Run

Flipped coins, both ends down, heads up all depends

When we in it to win it, the competitive ends

With a fist or a funny, got no gun on me B

They believe I’m pure magic with tricks up my sleeve

Like Blaine or Dave Copper, I’m selling out places

In the Field, real show stopper, at Indy car races

They taste this, success, must impress the old folks

Got my tie and my sneakers and a pack of old smokes

Like the stacks from the mill, steel grinding away

Like the hacks on the Internet, stealing the day

They be stealing your pay, identity crisis

The fraud and the theft, might not be the nicest

Might fight this whole world til the globe stops its spinning

It’s American fever, this war we are winning

Never leave without sinning, so I’m sipping fine wine

Working nine to five pay, so I’m watching my dime

Very closely, I’m mostly, the jealousy type

Gracious host, see, I’m boasting, so please don’t left swipe

On my Tinder profile, all smiles from C-town

Been awhile, my style, started back in ol’ Bean Town

Holy beat down, I’m pained, my mind is pure wrecked

Millienials complained, what the hell you’d expect

What the hell, you’d correct them if it wasn’t for Google

Yahoo and the Facebook, the minimal frugal

Mentality these days, generations are changing

Get out of my way, it’s time to go blazing

I’m raising my glass, toasting to all the real ones

Toasting to all my people, the Rabbi’s and real Nuns

The sums of us all are greater than none

So let’s build up each other, life’s marathon run.