Broken Souls on Heaven’s Way

Sloped over the bar he stayed, he played the games for many days

For many months, for years he strayed, away from clean and loving ways

Today’s anew, inner romance, to find the spirit, happenstance

To bless and cheer it, second dance, new plans demands a second chance.


But it starts with looking in the mirror, accepting shame it can’t be clearer

The fear he put away to scare her, these years, regret, from all the terror

The booze, the drugs, the cigarettes, the burns she felt upon her neck

Respect was never there to check, neglect the love, none to collect

Protect the girl from evil sin, the violent nights of juice and gin

The violent fights, none that she’d win, a wounded lover, given in

To pain, to fear, to misery, to be with him was never free

To be with him, down on one knee, no ring, she’d beg just not to bleed

Concede her place in life at last, a wife, her life, had come to pass

The strife, one knife, a piece of glass, she ended it on Sunday Mass.


A heart was broken, time was served, from prison’s where his mind observed

From prison’s where his mind was cured, he’d find his voice was barely heard

Absurd he felt, ten years removed, the tears consumed, changed attitude

The years were ruined, no happy mood, the inner reflect aptitude

The inner reject, man ashamed, complained about the endless pain

He caused, because, his ended reign, was stained with lover’s death in vein

Sustained the days with sober hugs, psycho therapy, no more drugs

Was scared of thee, the devil’s thugs, a pill or bottle, heart it tugs

The will to follow, chapter two, a changed man seeks to start anew

Deranged man sleeps, to live, to do, to give a chance, to be so true

To be so blue, he goes to pray, he goes to see her every day

Her tombstone resting, hard to stay, begs for forgiveness, Heaven’s Way.

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