In this episode, we cover the following:

1. Plandemic, “Part 2”

2. Dallas Salon Owner defying social distancing orders

3. Mike Majlak’s Darkest Moment | Impaulsive

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In this BONUS episode, we cover the following:

Intro: banter on Lebron v Jordan and other ramblings

1. Serial police impersonators

2. Comedian Owen Smith on JRE | what is ‘mortality rate’?!

3. Relationship Coach, Corey Wayne | the art of letting women chase you

4. Instagram fishing

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Ep. 94 – Stacey Mac and Susan Sasseville, real estate professionals :: Empowering Women in Real Estate

Stacey Mac and Susan Sasseville have taken the Cleveland real estate industry – and my podcast – by storm.  They came on to share insight into the world of real estate transactions and title, in addition to sharing information on their newly found initiative, ‘Boss Babes.’

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Transcript from Scott’s Bachelor Weekend ROAST

The following is a general transcript from my roast of Scott during his bachelor party weekend earlier this month.

You can see the full 4 minute video at the following Instagram TV link.


Thanks to Scott, were all thrilled and blessed to be here this weekend. It’s exactly where we all wanted to be… ya know, besides the fact that there’s no phone, practically no air conditioning, no grocery store in town, cows up and down the road… and not a single female within a 100 mile radius of here! Just beautiful. What a dream fucking weekend, boys.

We know we know, Scott’s in love.  He doesn’t NEED any women to join him while he’s with the boys.  He’d rather sit around in a secluded shit hole all weekend and listen to Kurt brag how good he is at poker…and practically everything else in life.  Real nice, Scott.

Ya know, Kurt, if someone’s gonna brag about anything, it should be Scott bragging about his soon-to-be-wife’s beautiful cantaloupes.  Not your fucking poker games.

In fact, the only thing similar between poker and this weekend is this FULL HOUSE. That’s it!  Not even the toilets FLUSH.  Well, at least we have Tredente, PJ, Rizk, and Relic… 4 OF A KIND… shmucks.  And they’re not even STRAIGHT!

Look at Scott. He thinks everyone here is laughing at this dumb speech.  Little does he know we’re all just laughing in utter shock that someone is actually dumb enough to marry this motherfucker.  We are literally drinking and celebrating Jen’s poor decision in men.  This is amazing.

Oh man, last time I had this much fun was about 15 years ago when we were in our early twenties, and when Scott had the maturity level of a twelve year old.  The only difference 15 years later is…well, absolutely nothing.

I mean, what 37 or 38 year old puts posters of Stipe Miocic on his wall?  Thank God Stipe declined his wedding invite.  Ya know, now that I think about it, Stipe must’ve known something we don’t.  I’m beginning to realize that we are actually all the dumb motherfuckers stuck celebrating this fool.

Last time I drove three hours just to suffer was NEVER.

But hey, we’re all good sports and want nothing but the best for our ol’ pal Scotty T.  We can’t wait to see your bond with Jen continue to grow; your family continue to shine; and your marriage prosper.  We know you’ll undoubtedly put Jen first in everything you do in life….well, except for fantasy football Sunday’s every Fall.

Congrats brother.


Lessons Learned from Jacob Copeland’s National Signing Day Moment

Note to parents :: Build your kids up.  Don’t break them down.  Stand by their side, support their decisions.  If their decisions are not causing harm to anyone else or to themselves, then embrace them.  Sure, you may not agree with everything, but in pivotal moments such as the one shown in the video below, it is your dutyand not your option – to show solidarity and support.  Your kids need you.  They need to feel like you’ve got their back.  Don’t dim their light, especially when that light is supposed to be shining bright as it should have for Jacob Copeland this past week.

Marathon & Half Marathon – 2018 Calendar

Thanks to the lovely folks at Runners World Magazine, you can find a complete list of all major Marathons and Half Marathons in 2018!  Happy running….


‘Shake Out’ Runs

Hi all! Hope everyone had a kick-ass weekend. Now that my first 10K is in the books, I wanted to share briefly my post recovery workout routine this past week. I must admit, I wasn’t quite as sore as I expected come last Sunday (the day after the race). But I still needed to give my body several days off to properly recover from the 6.2 miles in 35 degrees run. So I waited until Wednesday evening to hit the gym. I decided that rather than put in a lot of miles, I would instead do some speed work – short and fast intervals – on the treadmill. I ran for a max of about 20 minutes and pushed the speed to a max of 8.4 MPH for about five minutes somewhere in between. My calves were actually still a bit sore from the race, but I hadn’t realized this until this first ‘shake out’ run.

After the treadmill I followed up with the bike for about 20 minutes, logging an additional five miles. By this time I was pretty much spent, but felt good knowing my body desperately needed this type of post race engagement in order to prevent from tightening up throughout the week.

Also, I got one more run day in yesterday (Saturday) exactly one week after the race. It included a 1.7 mile run in the 28 degree outdoor weather and then an additional 1.1 miles inside on the treadmill.

Needless to say, while my legs are still feeling somewhat of a soreness, it the type that you know leads to eventual gains. ‘Shake out’ runs must not be avoided at any cost. They are important to keep the body loose and to keep your muscles in action so that they don’t lock up.

So next time you put in some decent mileage, be sure to keep the oxygen flowing in the days following your race and keep those runs coming regularly. It’ll pay dividends in both the short and long terms.

Cleveland’s ‘A Christmas Story Run 10K’

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, I completed my first official 10K race.  Race day weather was a crisp 35 degrees and I was surrounded by approximately 5,000 of my closest friends who all braved the cold to come out and challenge themselves to either the 5K or 10K run.  The angst and excitement blurred into one as I arrived downtown and waited for the official race horn to sound.  But, as always, the nerves dissipated the moment I hit the start line and began my 6.2 mile journey around Cleveland.

I finished the race in 56:58, which equates to a 9:11/mile pace and approximately 6.5/6.6 MPH average pace for all you treadmill runners (my finish is at the 58:57 mark in the video below as it took me about two minutes to get to the start line once the race began).  I was extremely encouraged by my race time as I had hoped to simply finish in less than one hour.  Beating this goal by over three minutes has truly energized me.  I am motivated to continue to improve my speed and endurance, and now have my sights set on half and full marathons in 2018!  It was only nine months ago – March 2017 – that my official race journey began having run my first 5K.  Fast forward to December 2017 and now I have a 10K under my belt.  This is just the beginning, folks.  I hope you’ll join me.  Let’s run.

Official ‘Christmas Story 10K’ Race Results

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