Ep. 71 – Dr. Roy Buchinsky, University Hospitals internal medicine specialist who promotes proactive healthy living through his Words of Wellness (WOW) program

Dr. Roy Buchinsky is a family doctor specializing in internal medicine at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center.  He joined me for what became a conversation in which he drops a plethora of knowledge related to health, wellness and optimal living.

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Ep. 69 – Afif Ghannoum, CEO of BIOHM Health :: Follow Your Gut

Afif Ghannoum is the CEO of BIOHM Health, a revolutionizing microbiome company specializing in probiotics that not only break down and neutralize bad bacteria – but also bad fungi – within the gut.  In this episode, hear about Afif’s growing company and how re-balancing our digestive systems are critical to achieving an overall healthy lifestyle.  Afif also shares insight into his evolving relationship with supplement and lifestyle giant, Onnit, and an experience partying at Dan Bilzerian’s mansion in L.A.

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Ep. 67 – Rabbi Zushe Greenberg :: Let Go, Let God

Rabbi Zushe Greenberg is an Orthodox rabbi who has amassed a significant following within the community.  He joined me for an intimate and spiritual conversation about fate and destiny to make sense of life in our forever changing world.

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Ep. 65 – Youssef Zalal, professional MMA fighter who has sights set on the UFC

Youssef Zalal is a professional MMA fighter with a current unbeaten record of 5-0.  Hear about his path from Morocco to the United States, how MMA became a part of his life, the pain he experienced in losing his brother in an automobile accident three years ago, and how he uses that pain to fuel his fire to assure he achieves his goal of making it to the UFC.

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Ep. 64 – Anthony ‘Lionheart’ Smith, UFC light heavyweight title contender :: It Takes the Heart of a Lion to Embrace Adversity

Anthony Smith is currently the #3 ranked light heavyweight in the UFC.  In this episode, hear about his adversity-filled journey to get to where he is today, the people he holds responsible for helping him achieve success, and his outlook on his UFC future as he eyes a title shot in 2019.

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Ep. 57 – Kerri Kasem, radio and TV host, activist and daughter of the late Casey Kasem whose mission has become to seek elder abuse legal reform throughout the country

Kerri Kasem is a radio and TV host whose mission has become to seek elder abuse legal reform after having experienced her father being abused at the end of his life.  Her father, Casey Kasem, was a famous disc jockey and radio broadcaster who became best known for his ‘American Top 40’ countdown that aired between 1970 and 2009.  During the later stages/years of Casey’s life, Kerri’s longtime stepmother prevented her and her siblings from seeing their father due to what Kerri describes as flawed loopholes within the legal system regarding elder care.

In this episode, hear about Kerri and her family’s struggles over the years in finding ways to see their father, how she has handled the emotional wear and tear, and her resilient path toward seeking change within the system.

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Learn more about Kerri’s mission and foundation, Kasem Cares

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Ep. 54 – Nate Haber :: Take Ownership of Your Life

One of the saddest things so many of us do is allow the judgment and belief systems of others to control the way we live our lives.  There is absolutely no way you can live an optimal life with this type of mentality. 

Take a listen carefully to this 17 minute solo podcast in which I plead with you to make changes so that you live your truth and create a life full of happiness, joy and success.  You are given only one chance at this thing.  Take ownership of it now.

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Ep. 52 – Mel Yu, Australia-based keynote speaker spreading suicide awareness after having lost her boyfriend to suicide in 2014

Mel Yu’s life was changed one fateful evening in 2014 when she found her boyfriend, Gus, hanging in their garage.  Gus had committed suicide.  The trauma experienced by Mel from that day forward was often insurmountable.  But slowly – through spiritual healing, time, prayer and community – Mel was able to regain normalcy in her life.  Ever since, she has been spreading suicide prevention awareness through speaking engagements, networking events and other mediums. 

In this episode, Mel provides a vast amount of insight, information, hope and inspiration for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts and for people who have lost loved ones to suicide.

United States Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Australia Suicide Prevention Hotline 13-11-14

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Mel’s companies: Mco Events | EGO Expo | Social Connection Media

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Ep. 47 – Ryan Haber (2), designer and mental health advocate, sits down for a conversation about relationships in the social media era just days before his wedding

In Ryan’s second appearance on the podcast, we focus on relationships and life in this social media era.  We discuss the many challenges that come with and ways to avoid the always present pitfalls.  We hear about Ryan’s journey from meeting his fiance one year ago to now getting married this coming weekend and the importance of following your heart when you are certain of a situation’s eventual outcome.

Another raw and riveting episode with my brother… and one you don’t want to miss.

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