Nate Haber is an attorney by education – and business developer by trade – whose podcast, “The Optimal Life with Nate Haber,” has featured people from all walks of life.  Having launched in December of 2017, The Optimal Life has already featured high profile people, including professional athletes and sports media members, social media influencers, attorneys, businessmen and women, and a variety of health, wellness and personal development specialists.  Through Nate’s diverse background and experiences in law, sports and business – in addition to being a husband and father of three – he is able to connect with his guests in an emotional and spiritual way like none other.

“The podcast is a tool that allows me to connect with an array of people from so many different backgrounds,” said Nate.  “I am inspired after each conversation and I always learn something new from each of my guests.  The cool thing is that I get to share that insight and wisdom with my listeners, which provides me the utmost satisfaction.”

Furthermore, Nate offers personal development, management consulting and coaching services to entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to enhance their business and brand, or to achieve a more optimal way of living.

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