Ep. 53 – Ricky Mendez, implementational speaker and business coach who preaches gratitude and implements ‘winning mindset’ cultures so that individuals can prosper and businesses can achieve explosive growth

Ricky Mendez is an implementational speaker and business coach who implements mindset, prosperity planning and utopic health programs in order to build a culture and foundation that can support explosive sales and results-driven growth.  Ricky drops a lot of knowledge, insight and inspiration regarding what it takes to train our most powerful muscle so that a winning mindset is always present.

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Constantly striving to better myself physically, spiritually and emotionally, I have dedicated this blog to helping people achieve things they may have thought unimaginable. We are given only one life to live, so why not optimize yourself and make it epic? You can always grow. You can always improve. And, in the end, you can do anything that you set your mind to.

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