Own Your Sh*t

We are all dealt different hands.  Some more favorable than others.  Sounds unfair, right?  Well, it is.

But you know what’s crazy?  Like, super mind-blowing?  You ready?…

Life’s not fair.

Just like it’s not fair when someone holds pocket Aces and you hold pocket Jacks, the same is true about every single aspect in life.  So quit complaining about the hand you’ve been dealt and OWN YOUR SH*T!

Own the fact that you’ll never be the smartest person in the room.  Own the fact that your friend is better looking.  Own the fact that you drive a used 2005 Civic while your friend drives a new Suburban.  It is what it is.  You can either complain about it or you can instead do something to better your situation.

So your buddy gets all the girls and you don’t.  Quit whining and do something to improve.  Work out, buy better clothes, pay attention to hygiene, and work on your charm.  You’ll win in the end!

So your best girlfriend always gets straight A’s and you don’t.  Quit whining and do something to improve.  Focus on street smarts and emotional intelligence.  Read more books.  Listen to more podcasts.  Become more diversified.  You’ll win in the end!

So your cousin’s family take lavish vacations every year and you don’t.  Quit whining and do something to improve.  Work harder.  Be hungrier.  Pound the pavement so that you, too, can one day take those lavish vacations or maybe even more lavish ones.  You’ll win in the end!

It’s time for people to stop complaining and to start doing.  And when your hand dealt is not as ideal as you’d like it to be, then just go do something to change it and level the playing field… and remember, always OWN YOUR SH*T!

I Will Succeed

I will succeed.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I will succeed.  Not for a day.  Not for a week.  Not for a month, year or decade.  But for life.  I will forever be successful until the day I die.  I will accept nothing less.

So what exactly is “success?”  Is it having a lot of money?  Is it having a fancy car?  Big house?  Designer shoes?  Sure, you can conclude that having any or all of those things equates to some level of “success.”  But what I mean by “success” is vastly different.

To me, “success” means living a life full of joy, happiness and gratitude.  It means having an amazing family and some die-hard friends.  It means spending time with my kids and being there through all the little moments of their continued growth and development.  It means being able to appreciate the good times and find euphoria in the great.  It means being able to turn moments of defeat into lessons learned so that I achieve a different outcome the next time.  It means being present, always.  Being cognizant of the moments I find myself fortunate enough to experience.  Being mesmerized by life’s subtle beauties and teachings.

So if you have the same outlook as me, I wish you a successful life full of abundance.  I wish you a successful life full of love.  Simply put, I wish you the type of success that money can’t buy.