Month: July 2018

Ep. 48 – Anne S. Frankel, attorney specializing in defending hospitals and insurance companies against liability claims while still juggling her responsibilies as mother and wife

Anne S. Frankel is a Philadelphia-based attorney specializing in defending hospitals, physicians, and long-term care facilities against professional and general liability claims.  In this episode, we focus on her passion for her craft, the challenges she faces as a woman with children in the legal profession, and the “juggle” she endures on a daily basis between work life and family life. 

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Transcript from Scott’s Bachelor Weekend ROAST

The following is a general transcript from my roast of Scott during his bachelor party weekend earlier this month.

You can see the full 4 minute video at the following Instagram TV link.


Thanks to Scott, were all thrilled and blessed to be here this weekend. It’s exactly where we all wanted to be… ya know, besides the fact that there’s no phone, practically no air conditioning, no grocery store in town, cows up and down the road… and not a single female within a 100 mile radius of here! Just beautiful. What a dream fucking weekend, boys.

We know we know, Scott’s in love.  He doesn’t NEED any women to join him while he’s with the boys.  He’d rather sit around in a secluded shit hole all weekend and listen to Kurt brag how good he is at poker…and practically everything else in life.  Real nice, Scott.

Ya know, Kurt, if someone’s gonna brag about anything, it should be Scott bragging about his soon-to-be-wife’s beautiful cantaloupes.  Not your fucking poker games.

In fact, the only thing similar between poker and this weekend is this FULL HOUSE. That’s it!  Not even the toilets FLUSH.  Well, at least we have Tredente, PJ, Rizk, and Relic… 4 OF A KIND… shmucks.  And they’re not even STRAIGHT!

Look at Scott. He thinks everyone here is laughing at this dumb speech.  Little does he know we’re all just laughing in utter shock that someone is actually dumb enough to marry this motherfucker.  We are literally drinking and celebrating Jen’s poor decision in men.  This is amazing.

Oh man, last time I had this much fun was about 15 years ago when we were in our early twenties, and when Scott had the maturity level of a twelve year old.  The only difference 15 years later is…well, absolutely nothing.

I mean, what 37 or 38 year old puts posters of Stipe Miocic on his wall?  Thank God Stipe declined his wedding invite.  Ya know, now that I think about it, Stipe must’ve known something we don’t.  I’m beginning to realize that we are actually all the dumb motherfuckers stuck celebrating this fool.

Last time I drove three hours just to suffer was NEVER.

But hey, we’re all good sports and want nothing but the best for our ol’ pal Scotty T.  We can’t wait to see your bond with Jen continue to grow; your family continue to shine; and your marriage prosper.  We know you’ll undoubtedly put Jen first in everything you do in life….well, except for fantasy football Sunday’s every Fall.

Congrats brother.


Ep. 47 – Ryan Haber (2), designer and mental health advocate, sits down for a conversation about relationships in the social media era just days before his wedding

In Ryan’s second appearance on the podcast, we focus on relationships and life in this social media era.  We discuss the many challenges that come with and ways to avoid the always present pitfalls.  We hear about Ryan’s journey from meeting his fiance one year ago to now getting married this coming weekend and the importance of following your heart when you are certain of a situation’s eventual outcome.

Another raw and riveting episode with my brother… and one you don’t want to miss.

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Ep. 46 – Troy L. Smith, entertainment and UFC reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and

Troy L. Smith is an entertainment reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer who also covers the UFC.  In this episode, we cover all things UFC, including talk on Cormier and Miocic, Dana White, the future of the sport and organization, and touch on some of the top fighters from each division.

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Ep. 45 – Dr. Carly Day, sports physician at Cleveland Clinic specializing in injury treatment and prevention who is an active voice on gender pay gap in medicine

Dr. Carly Day is a sports physician at Cleveland Clinic specializing in injury treatment and prevention.  She is an active voice on the disparity in gender pay within the medical profession and seeks continued reform within the system.  In addition to practicing, Carly works as the on-field doctor for sports events at Notre Dame College and Aurora High School

In this episode we cover an array of topics, including gender pay gap, concussion protocol, early childhood sports specialization, and having a stay-at-home husband full time with the kids.  

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Ep. 44 – Stuart Cooper, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, MMA film maker, and current BJJ head coach at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket

Stuart Cooper is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and current BJJ head coach at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand.  After beginning his BJJ journey ten years ago, he stumbled upon creating short films and documentaries of BJJ fighters during a time where he was injured and had no choice but to observe from the sidelines.  It was during this time that Stuart Cooper Films was born.

From humble beginnings to now BJJ head coach at one of the world’s leading MMA facilities, hear about Stuart Cooper’s incredible journey of learning from – and now coaching – some of the world’s premier BJJ and MMA athletes.

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Ep. 29 Recap – Joe Triscaro

Joe Triscaro is the principal of the law firm Triscaro & Associates, a firm specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice and business litigation.

Highlights from this episode include:

*Joe’s experiences arguing in front of The Supreme Court of Ohio

*the highs and lows of litigation

*the lengthy trial process and array of claims and filings issued until a case actually closes

*the joys of mentoring sons in wrestling and the importance of childhood athletics

*the mentality needed to succeed in the roller coaster world of trials and litigation

*the types of cases that Joe specializes in and his current and future professional plans

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Ep. 28 Recap – Yana Haber

I sat down with my wife, Yana, to discuss a variety of every day life topics, including parenthood, marriage, living your truth, being vulnerable and putting yourself out there, tuning out the negativity from the outside world and hopes and aspirations we seek to achieve in life.

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Ep. 27 Recap – Eric Synenberg

Eric Synenberg is a criminal defense and estate planning attorney, city councilman, and half marathon runner.

Highlights from this episode include:

*Eric’s path from college to law school to legal counsel at State of Ohio Treasurer’s office and ultimately to now criminal lawyer and city councilman

*Becoming a parent and the nerve-wrecking realities of leaving hospital with a newborn child

*Eric’s running regimen and history of past half marathons

*Tips for preparing for the upcoming Rite Aid Cleveland half marathon

*Mentality required to succeed on race day

*The importance of hydration and the motivation of music during the run

*A brief story from my college days about some life-changing advice I was given from one of Eric’s prior colleagues and now current municipal judge

*Eric’s focus in law and issues he regularly handles as one of the city’s newest council members

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