Ep. 36 – Mike Reiss, sports journalist covering the New England Patriots for ESPN NFL Nation and ESPN Boston

Mike Reiss is a sports journalist who has covered the New England Patriots since 1997.  Since then, he has climbed the media ranks and has become one of the main media faces for Patriots football.  In 2015, Mike also authored a book with Patriots Hall of Fame receiver, Troy Brown, titled “Patriot Pride: My Life in the New England Dynasty.”

Highlights from this episode include:

*Mike’s professional journey from working for the Patriots-owned newspaper out of college to the Boston Globe to now ESPN

*Tom Brady’s winning mindset

*Importance of networking and forming real, ever-lasting relationships

*The amazing Patriots comeback in Superbowl LI (2017)

*Mike’s daughter’s heart defect at birth and his deep ties to Boston Children’s Hospital

*Mike’s experience writing the book with Troy Brown

*Off-season Patriots football chatter and 2018 outlook

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