Month: June 2018

Ep. 42 – Vinny Vibe, resident DJ at SHRINE Foxwoods who brings party vibe to every venue he plays at

Vinny Vibe is a resident DJ at SHRINE Foxwoods, the club where he launched his career after booking Avicii on a random Tuesday night ten years ago.  Ever since, Vinny has been making a name for himself in the EDM industry, playing at venues from Boston to Cancun.  His high energy sets and party-themed approach makes him an incredible attraction for nightclub promoters nationwide.

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Ep. 41 – Will Harris, award winning cinematographer who has catapulted into the MMA scene through his ‘Anatomy of a Fighter’ documentaries

Will Harris is the founder of Will Harris Productions, an award winning cinematography company focusing on documentaries, feature films, short films and weddings.  His popular documentary series, “Anatomy of a Fighter,” has catapulted him onto the MMA scene.  He is responsible for the footage of the infamous Conor McGregor bus attack incident and also recently returned from Dagestan, Russia after covering Khabib Nurmagomedov’s training and lifestyle.

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Ep. 40 – Connie and Neil Waxman, fighting pancreatic cancer and beating the odds :: from given one year to live in January 2014 to being here to share their remarkable, ‘never give up’ story four-and-a-half years later

Connie Waxman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January of 2014.  Her doctors gave her one year to live.  She and her husband, Neil, had other plans. 

A story of courage, hope, persistence and never giving up, Connie and Neil have become experts on ways to fight this deadly disease and provide a vast array of knowledge and information in this emotional, riveting episode.

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Ep. 39 – Roy Hall, former OHST Buckeye and NFL wide receiver promoting perseverance and fostering hope for at-risk youth and families in need

Roy Hall is a former NFL wide receiver who attended college at The Ohio State University.  After his NFL career concluded, he founded Driven Foundation to promote perseverance and hope for at-risk youth and families in need.  Through motivational speaking, mentorship programs, events and podcasting, Roy Hall looks to leave behind a legacy of positivity, hope and inspiration.

Highlights from this episode include:

*Roy’s athletic and academic past

*How Roy handled his exposure to domestic abuse at age of seven

*High school football and basketball, including story of his physical altercation with LeBron in a game his senior season

*Favorite memories of Ohio State football

*DRIVEN Foundation mission and impact

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Ep. 38 – Ollie Gabriel, LA-based soul artist (and Army vet) whose hit motivational single, “Running Man,” continues to climb the charts

Ollie Gabriel is an L.A.-based soul artist whose hit motivational single, “Running Man,” released a couple years ago in Europe and now finds its way to the U.S. as it continues to climb the charts.  Hear about Ollie’s journey from small town Louisiana to the U.S. Army and finally to the bright lights of Los Angeles as he advances his path toward stardom.

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Ep. 37 – Mike Garafolo, reporter at NFL Network

Mike Garafolo is a reporter at NFL Network who covers all things NFL.  A prior reporter for the New York Giants, Mike found himself covering the Super Bowl champion, Philadelphia Eagles, for the vast majority of 2017.  He joined The Optimal Life to discuss his professional endeavors over the previous few years and provided insight into some off-season happenings in the NFL.

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Ep. 36 – Mike Reiss, sports journalist covering the New England Patriots for ESPN NFL Nation and ESPN Boston

Mike Reiss is a sports journalist who has covered the New England Patriots since 1997.  Since then, he has climbed the media ranks and has become one of the main media faces for Patriots football.  In 2015, Mike also authored a book with Patriots Hall of Fame receiver, Troy Brown, titled “Patriot Pride: My Life in the New England Dynasty.”

Highlights from this episode include:

*Mike’s professional journey from working for the Patriots-owned newspaper out of college to the Boston Globe to now ESPN

*Tom Brady’s winning mindset

*Importance of networking and forming real, ever-lasting relationships

*The amazing Patriots comeback in Superbowl LI (2017)

*Mike’s daughter’s heart defect at birth and his deep ties to Boston Children’s Hospital

*Mike’s experience writing the book with Troy Brown

*Off-season Patriots football chatter and 2018 outlook

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Ep. 35 – Max Schmidt, coming out, living your truth and striving for success

Max Schmidt came out as gay to his family and friends in high school.  Ever since, he has been living his truth and has found immense happiness and liberation.  An honors student in high school and college who many called a ‘numbers genius,’ Max has shifted his career focus from business to medicine and is now preparing for medical school.  Hear about Max’s journey from when he discovered his orientation and the process for which he decided to share and be completely open about it, in addition to his current and future career plans.

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Ep. 34 – Kirill Was Here, professional party thrower who began career as nightlife photographer

Kirill Bichutsky AKA ‘Kirill Was Here,’ is a professional party thrower and nightlife photographer who has amassed millions of followers across his social media platforms.  Having started out as a nightlife photographer who befriended comedians and DJ’s, Kirill soon began to see his pictures take off in the New York City nightlife scene.  He would eventually become the go-to guy for nightclub promoters looking to raise the profile of their venues. Today, he is considered the top nightclub party thrower who brings hundreds and even thousands of people out to his epic nightlife events.

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Ep. 33 – Julia Solooki, mom, divorcee, and business woman who migrated to the U.S. from the Ukraine at the age of ten

Julia Solooki is a mom, divorcee, and businesswoman who opens up about what life was like immigrating to the United States at a young age and the path she has taken to get to where she is now.  From getting married and having a baby in her early twenties to going through a divorce several years later; from challenges in society such as raising children in today’s technology era to the issues many face regarding mental health; and from coming to this country at the age of ten not knowing a word of English to becoming a successful businesswoman in sales and marketing, you won’t want to miss this candid conversation with Julia Solooki.

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