Month: March 2018

Ep. 22 – Paul Franklin, financial planner and advisor

Paul Franklin is the founder of Franklin Capital Strategies, a financial services company that specializes in insurance, investments and estate planning for small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and professional athletes and entertainers.

In this episode, we hear about the evolution of Paul’s firm and the types of services he provides to his clients.  Paul discusses the importance of personal service and why he has been able to separate from much of his competition.  We talk about the intricacies of working with professional athletes and entertainers and finish with a motivational outlook on the challenges that come with growing a business.

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Ep. 17 Recap – Montana ‘Too Pretty’ Love

Having first stepped foot into a boxing gym at the ripe age of five, Montana ‘Too Pretty’ Love has become one of the fastest rising professional boxers in the sport over the past two years.  This after having taken approximately 180 amateur fights in his youth, teen and early 20’s.  Now at only 24 years of age, his current undefeated 10-0 professional record – coupled with his genuine swag and flashy lifestyle – have earned him over 50,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Montana, who also rocks a sombrero during his pre and post fights, is currently training with Adrien Broner and other professionals to help him get ready for some bigger fights this summer.  From fancy footwork to precision punching and a lot of smack talk in between, I look forward to seeing where Montana’s career goes next.  Can he be boxing’s next star?  Only time will tell…

Ep. 21 – Tim DePasquale, music producer and talent manager

Tim DePasquale is a music producer who has worked and toured with Machine Gun Kelly.  He currently manages Mike Busey and is a member of Busey’s world famous Sausage Castle.

In this episode, Tim shares stories from the road as a member of MGK’s crew.  He talks about his continued path within the music industry and how he linked up with Mike Busey in 2017.  Tim sheds light onto the crazy life that is the Sausage Castle, perks that its members receive, and his aspirations for 2018 and beyond.

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Ep. 16 Recap – Mike Hudock

Swim, bike, run!  That about sums up the lifestyle of Mike Hudock, an elite triathlete who makes time to work out twice each day in between medical school classes and studies.  Having begun his triathlete journey six years ago as a freshman in college, Mike has remained disciplined in his training regimen throughout and has barely missed a week, let alone a day in that time frame.

Mike and I had an open conversation about mental health and the many benefits that exercise plays in relieving stress and anxiety.  It is unfathomable to us how anyone can choose to not exercise, especially since we have both achieved so many mental, emotional and physical rewards from it.  So many people find the excuse that they do not have the time to workout.  That’s an illegitimate excuse.

You must make the time if you want something.  Then, in turn, you’ll have the time.

If you are interested in learning more about physical fitness with an emphasis on running, in general, then I suggest you go check out Ep. 16.  I look forward to Mike’s continued ascent in the triathlete and running world.  His next major event will be the Athens Half Marathon in Athens, Ohio, on Sunday, April 15th.  Good luck, Mike!


Ep. 15 Recap – Dr. Adam Hedaya

Dr. Adam Hedaya is a Double Board Certified physician specializing in pain management.  His anti-opioid prescribing approach struck me as an approach that many other doctors should begin taking.  With all of the opioid addiction issues in this country – many of which lead to heroin use – the medical profession as a whole has some serious changes it must make when it comes to the prescribing of medications.  Doctors must be cognizant of the devastating affects these drugs have on their patients and should seek to avoid opioid prescriptions wherever possible so that the risk of heroin use and abuse is mitigated.  Undoubtedly, lives will be saved.

Check out Dr. Hedaya at Cleveland Pain Care if you are in need of a pain management specialist to help you achieve a more comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle.

Ep. 20 – Dr. M. Kara, M.D., anti-aging expert specializing in hormone replacement therapy

Dr. Mahmud Kara is the medical director at Affinity Whole Health, a hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging clinic with locations in Cleveland and Columbus.  He is recognized as one of America’s top experts in anti-aging medicine.

In this episode, we hear about the types of services and treatments that Affinity Whole Health provides its patients.  We talk about the stigmas associated with hormone replacement therapy and the reasons those stigmas are off-base.  Dr. Kara provides insight into the many different types of clients they take and the astounding results these patients see through Affinity’s various customized programs.  We end with a discussion about the many reasons that hormone replacement and optimization are vital to living a quality life for men and women of all ages.

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Ep. 19 – Nate’s Weekend Wrap #2

In this episode, Nate sits down to reflect and recap highlights from episodes 15 through 18, which included pain management specialist Adam Hedaya, triathlete Mike Hudock, professional undefeated boxer Montana ‘Too Pretty’ Love, and fitness trainer Will Hardy.

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Ep. 18 – Will Hardy, personal fitness trainer

Will Hardy is a certified personal trainer and the owner of Will Power Elite, LLC.

In this episode, we hear about Will’s fitness journey, including the types of workouts he employs, the type of nutrition and diet he follows, and the ways in which he motivates his clientele.  Will also talks about his current professional endeavors and provides insight into what he sees for his future.  If you are looking to improve your body, mind and soul, then you’ll want to tune in to this episode and hear from one of the top up-and-coming fitness trainers in Northeast Ohio.

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Ep. 17 – Montana ‘Too Pretty’ Love, professional boxer

Montana ‘Too Pretty’ Love is a boxer from Cleveland, Ohio, holding a 10-0 undefeated professional record.

In this episode, we hear about Montana’s boxing journey from childhood to where he is now climbing the professional ranks.  We hear about him serving prison time and how that experience allowed him to refocus his life.  We talk about the type of training that’s involved to remain at the top, the types of people who have been instrumental in Montana’s growth, and the meteoric rise that he has achieved in such a short period of time.

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Ep. 16 – Mike Hudock, triathlete and medical student

Mike Hudock is a triathlete who is currently attending medical school at Ohio University.

In this episode, we talk about the triathlete lifestyle and the intense training regimen required to be successful.  We talk about mental health and how exercise and activity are keys to mitigating bouts of anxiety and depression.  We hear about Mike’s path from high school cross country runner to elite triathlete, and the strict training schedule he employs on a daily and weekly basis.  We end with a chat about his various sponsors and his long-term plans for the sport.

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