Cleveland’s ‘A Christmas Story Run 10K’

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, I completed my first official 10K race.  Race day weather was a crisp 35 degrees and I was surrounded by approximately 5,000 of my closest friends who all braved the cold to come out and challenge themselves to either the 5K or 10K run.  The angst and excitement blurred into one as I arrived downtown and waited for the official race horn to sound.  But, as always, the nerves dissipated the moment I hit the start line and began my 6.2 mile journey around Cleveland.

I finished the race in 56:58, which equates to a 9:11/mile pace and approximately 6.5/6.6 MPH average pace for all you treadmill runners (my finish is at the 58:57 mark in the video below as it took me about two minutes to get to the start line once the race began).  I was extremely encouraged by my race time as I had hoped to simply finish in less than one hour.  Beating this goal by over three minutes has truly energized me.  I am motivated to continue to improve my speed and endurance, and now have my sights set on half and full marathons in 2018!  It was only nine months ago – March 2017 – that my official race journey began having run my first 5K.  Fast forward to December 2017 and now I have a 10K under my belt.  This is just the beginning, folks.  I hope you’ll join me.  Let’s run.

Official ‘Christmas Story 10K’ Race Results

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